why2017, another year gone, only 6 more months till secondary school. Time is passing, but, not for some. Everyday children, adults and elderly are being bullied for their sex and race. So, why do we do it? That’s the question that I want to ask, why? Why is being different a bad thing, why is being a different sex an even worse thing? Why, why, why, why and why? Is it because it makes us stupider, makes us less able to do things, does it make one uglier, stronger, and is it fear, hatred and stupidity that someone bullies you for this.

I was reading Gracie’s blog, https://graciechicksblog.wordpress.com and she is doing a campaign for racism, with haiku’s, so, why don’t you contribute and write one yourself, in the comment section. Lets get rid of racism by writing, writing is a power stronger than anyone. It can influence people 100x more than anything; it can make you sleepy, awake of what’s happening around you, vibrant of the colours that you can not see. So, why don’t we say goodbye to racism and a happy new year because this year, racism will be afraid of the haikus of doom! Why not add yours to her or my blog’s comment section.

Here’s mine:

Tears, falling down hearts,

Voices, rudeness spread heavily,

Why do we do it?

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  1. Thank you for getting on board with our project Moo! I’ve put my own poem on my blog and Gracie’s, but I may as well put it on yours too. Here’s mine:

    “Colour doesn’t count,
    As it is never helpful,
    In the battle now…”

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