nailroulette-1wmSleepovers are amazing but can easily go wrong when someone wants to go home or you have a massive fight. With this guide you can create a fun and cheap way to create a sleepover that no one will forget.

Firstly, a way to get people excited is to make invitations that look amazing. All you need is some pens, paper and glitter or even just an email to turn a simple text to a beautiful message.

Next you need some games before you start the movie. You can do simple board games such as Monopoly or Cluedo but why not play something like nail polish roulette. Here’s how to make it:

What you need:

  •  A spinner (If you don’t have one try a bottle or a dice. I used an old twister spinner)
  • Ÿ Some large cardboard (bigger than your spinner)
  • Ÿ Some pencils or pens
  • Ÿ Nail polish (it is more fun the more you have)
  • Ÿ Nail transfers (optional)
  • Ÿ 2 or more friends



  1. Make a hole in the cardboard in the middle
  2. Draw a cool design on the cardboard (optional)
  3. Stick the spinner in the middle
  4. Place the nail polish around the cardboard
  5. Play until your heart’s content

nail-roulette-3-wmHow to play:

  1.  Spin the spinner until it lands on a bottle of nail polish
  2. Paint the player’s nails that colour
  3. Spin again until it lands on another bottle
  4. Add a cool design to that player’s hand with that colour
  5. Spin again until it lands on the final bottle
  6. Add a few finishing touches to the nail
  7. Play till everyone’s done (you could even do toe polish roulette

TIP: To make the game last longer, do one for every nail

What to have for breakfast? better read Part 2!

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