Australia vs Argentina: 
The ultimate match for the Rugby Championships!

argentinavsaustralia-wmThis weekend, I went to Twickenham Stadium to Watch Australia vs Argentina. It was a great match where Australia won 33-21. It was a brilliant match!


Pubs full of appreciation,

Homes full of joy,

The marching band stopped and

Waited until the time came to ploy.


Sitting in a high spot,

My belly full of pie,

Amazing views,

Full of muse,

We waited without a fuss.


When finally ready to start,

The huddle came apart,

And sang a song,

It didn’t take long,

For them to start to play.




And some other silly nonsense

The boos came,

They stopped the game,

Half time main,

And had a silly saucer.


After a cheer,

One or two,

They started again,

The Mexican wave came,

For all the fun had just begun.



After three,

The Aussies won,

For it was their day.

The walk back home was filled with cheering,


And tons of other stuff.


WE won, we won

It was a great night.

The Mexican wave,

The Aussies fame,

And the Argentinian lot.

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